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Pablo Vales · Architect


Pablo Rodríguez Vales-Villamarín.


From the beginning of his professional life Pablo has been looking for the most appropriate ways to do his best in every project and work undertaken.

At the beginning of his studies he met with two other architects continuing with a fruitful collaboration that started in 1991, during their studies in the Technical, Superior School of Architecture in A Coruña (Galicia-Spain).

Some time after the graduation, in 1998 they established company SALAS, CID, VALES ARQUITECTOS S.L., situated in A Coruña.

In 2007, Pablo decided to dedicate his own professional activity, almost exclusively, to the real estate projects in the company INVERSIONES DE GALICIA SUR. S.A. (, promoters and builders situated in Pontevedra (Galicia,Spain), with their business activity in Spain and Portugal, starting a professional stage which allowed him to get a great experience in the sector (private houses promotion).

Nowadays, in association with MAQUESTUDIO GALICIA S.L. Pablo recovers again the more artistic side of his job in Architecture, something that, as he argues, he has never lost despite of lots of new developments in the field of architecture, continuous technologies changes, regulations, life circumstances.

Pablo emphasizes that this job should be based on a methodology, earnest effort, professional responsibility, diligence and passion in order to get the best result.

In response to the changes in society and with customer´s lifestyle and needs he feels that his job is to get a valid and durable result, contributing greatly in something creative, without concern for how much time and effort is needed to achieve it. As genius Pablo Picasso said “inspiration comes after several hours of working”.

Pablo has wanted to mould into this web-site a little resume that he has distinguished from his short but intense professional activity, which he has been developing day by day in Pontevedra, a little and beautiful town located in the west of Galicia, besides the river Lérez.

He tries to publish his professional work abroad as well as in Spain.

This humble insight should have given you a chance to get to know a bit more of his activity and professional values.

Go on and enjoy.

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