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Chema Vales · Modeller




Jose Mª Rodríguez Vales-Villamarín.

Draftsman-modelmaker,founder of MAQUESTUDIO GALICIA S.L.

MAQUESTUDIO GALICIA S.A. was founded in 2000. Its main activity is to develop technical works related with Architecture, Engineering, Building projects promotion and Real estate.

It offers solutions in design too, as staff are able to help in design production, interior architecture design, museum installations, and in all those situations in which buildings models and reproductions study in different scales are necessary.

With wide and comprehensive practical experience in making building models of various scales, in the last few years the company has concentrated its activity in developing architecture scale models, private promoters´ projects, establishing a close contact with architects or project managers. During the planning of each model,particular attention gets paid to choosing suitable materials and appropriate scales best suited to the project in hand .

In this context promoters and builders have demanded reproductions in different scales to present their projects, from early promotions, which sometimes has been necessary to develop different models from the initial drafts, until definitive ones get produced in order to suit their purpose.

Maquestudio Galicia S.L. can develop anything form a single model to show the volumes and adaptation to the ground, models to illustrate different adequate steps during the process of building, to a completely finished setting model, paying an utmost attention throughout the process to each customers´ needs and circumstances.

This opportunity to have a small scale model made is very interesting in home project promotions, other buildings and industrial areas, developed in different phases, which might be necessary from first stages of project development in order to attract investors, even if buildings design is still not finalized or completely defined.

As a result of its intense activity, Maquestudio Galicia S.L. has developed models for all type of companies, in Spain and abroad,including a wide variety of clients including navy, shipbuilding, tourism sector, furniture industry, different organizations, museums and patronages, showing its wide applicability in both public and private sectors.

The Company does not only make models of buildings for companies or organizations. It also caters for a huge range of other possible customer’s needs. Some examples are a high quality small scale objects, representative gifts, Christmas reproductions (eg Bethlehem) or doll´s houses.

In its activity Maquestudio Galicia S.L. is committed to improvement of the world we live in, all be it on a small scale.

Go on and enjoy.

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